Tax Planning

Taxes represent a significant expense that can negatively impact your financial world. Considering this, prudent tax planning is a vital element in preparing for your future. We work diligently to keep your hard-earned money at work.

Gifting Strategies

Developing well thought out gifting strategies is a great way to lower estate taxes while giving to loved ones or causes of interest. There are both annual and lifetime gifting strategies to consider for loved ones. Gifts to qualified charities are tax deductible. With larger contemplated gifts, more sophisticated tax strategies can be deployed, including lead and remainder Charitable Trusts, Donor Advised Funds, Conservation Easements, Gift Annuities, etc.

Tax Effective Investing Strategies

Investing according to your marginal tax bracket and using the after tax yield on corporate bonds relative to municipal bonds as a guide is a time tested way to lower income taxes. It may make sense to own corporates and pay taxes than to own municipal bonds if your tax bracket dictates.

Location Optimization

Understanding which account to hold various asset classes is important to effective tax planning. Bond funds are best held in a retirement account to avoid current taxation on the interest income. Conversely, long term capital gains receive preferential treatment. So to the extent possible and consistent with your goals and objectives, growth investments such as equities are best held in a taxable account. Investments with the most growth potential might best be held in a Roth IRA, so that gains will never be taxed.

Gains/Loss Harvesting

Matching investing gains with losses also helps reduce taxes. There are numerous mutual funds and exchange traded funds that have similar investing strategies, enabling us to sell a position and immediately reestablish a like holding, thus remaining fully invested while lowering taxes.
We use technology to help us manage portfolios across the entire household, which enables us to optimize holdings by location as well as add value through re-balancing and tax harvesting, which in total can add 0.5%-1.0%+ annually to net returns.


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