Personal Financial Management

Spend now or save for later? Buy term or whole life? Pay cash or borrow? What are your heartfelt goals and how do you best navigate the cross currents? Ongoing “choice management” is a key element of arriving safely at your destination.

Spending versus Savings Objectives

Balancing your longer term goals against your shorter term needs often causes friction. Without purpose, discipline, and knowledge of options, longer term goals may seem out of reach. Knowing how much and where your hard earned dollars are going is a starting place. Dave Ramsay says “Have a name for every dollar.” We agree.

Risk | Insurance Management

Life is full of choices. Do you accept a risk or pay an insurance company to take the risk for you? We will help you determine how much and what types of life insurance makes the most sense for your specific situation, as well as review your need for disability insurance. We will also review the adequacy of your property and casualty coverage. Long Term Care insurance is increasingly important in managing costs in the last years of your life.

Education Planning

Early education planning pays dividends over the longer term through the power of compounding, but how much to save? You’ll need clarity on your goals; whether to cover private or public colleges, in state or out of state, full or partial tuition. We’ll also explore and explain the pros and cons of using tax advantaged options such as 529 Plans.

Debt Management

How much household debt makes sense for your family situation? Leverage is a double edged sword. It cuts both ways. Does it make sense to refinance? Should you use a fixed or floating rate loan? For 15 or 30 years? What about using a home equity line? Proper Debt Management is integral to keeping on the right side of that leverage.


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