Managing Life in Motion

For Envision Wealth Planning, client engagement revolves around the concept of “managing life in motion.” Managing life in motion is the process of helping you define your aspirations and negotiate the financial issues that inevitably crop up in every stage of life.

Because every stage of life transitions into the next, successfully navigating these transitions requires both art and science. As Tennessee’s only Certified Financial Transitionist, Envision Wealth Planning President, Bob Bolen CFP, CFA understands both.

Watch as he unpacks “managing life in motion” in this week’s Coffee with Bob.

When money changes, life changes and when life changes, money often changes. These changes can cause stress. When stress rises, cognitive decision making capability can decline, at least temporarily. So when life is in motion – when there are numerous moving parts – it helps to have a person skilled in managing that transition. At Envision Wealth Planning we help people move through that maze of decisions, focusing equally on the human, emotional side as well as the financial, technical side and bridging the gap between the two sides.

We utilize a construct called “Now, Soon, and Later,” to differentiate between important decisions that need to be addressed now, from those that can reasonably wait, or are less important. This causes a reduction in stress and improves the bandwidth to deal with just those issues that need addressing now.

Here at Envision Wealth Planning, we are fiduciaries. We Manage Life in Motion to your benefit, to your best interests.

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