Our Integrated Wealth Planning process begins by getting to know you, your dreams, ambitions, and concerns. Based on your individual objectives, we will walk you through all aspects of the financial planning process.

We are Client Centric and Research Driven

As fiduciaries, our client’s interests always come first. We are not beholden to any corporate hierarchy, mandates or outside interests. As Chartered Financial Analysts and Certified Financial Planner professionals, continuing education is an ongoing endeavor. Our investment strategies are based on time tested, rigorous academic research, not on the emotion of the day.

Financial Transitions Planning

When life changes, money changes and when money changes, life changes; and change is often stressful or even disruptive. We help clients navigate through life’s most challenging transitions, such as preparing for retirement, job change, selling a business, losing a spouse, inheritance or divorce. As Accredited Financial Transitions Specialists, we help you rediscover your heart and navigate the changes life brings your way.

Life | Wealth Integration

We are life-centered wealth planners. Money is a tool to be used in support of your life goals and aspirations. Use your money to make a life; don’t use your life just to make money. When your heartfelt goals and aspirations are the driving force behind your financial and life decisions, then your money and life are truly integrated.

Goals-Based Investing

Have a name for every dollar. Knowing your goals and time line for achieving them is a necessary step in determining how much you need to be saving and investing and what the appropriate investment strategy ought to be. Shorter term goals are best met with lower risk investments, longer term goals can appropriately be met with longer term investment strategies.

Low Cost | Fee-Only

Low-Costs are the best predictor of long term investment performance. As such, we pay strict attention to overall costs including mutual fund fees, trading costs and the worst offender of all, taxation. Index like mutual funds and exchange traded funds make up the bulk of our holdings. As fee-only advisors, the only payments received by us are those paid directly by you, the client. We receive no commissions; our focus is on our clients. See Fee-Only Structure for more information on this important topic.

Implement | Monitor | Adjust

Managing life in motion is an ongoing process. Events occur, markets move and goals may change. So it is imperative that after implementation we monitor and compare actual results against your goals and aspirations. If an adjustment is warranted or desired, we go back a step or two, establish revised goals and/or course of action, and determine how best to proceed from there. Our ongoing relationship makes these re-calibrations and adjustments possible.


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