At Envision Wealth Planning, we wholeheartedly believe that accomplishing your goals is more important then beating an arbitrary investment benchmark.

Is Beating The Benchmark Enough?

If you beat the benchmark, but fail to achieve your goals, what have you really accomplished? While we believe our investment strategies and models can stand toe to toe with the very best available in the market place, it is our goals based approach that really sets us apart.

That is why we focus so much on getting to know you. Our Discovery and Navigation processes will help you determine and articulate your goals and aspirations. Our vision is that you will live an inspired life with peace of mind about your money matters. Being comfortable that you are on track is a step in the right direction.

Short And Long Term Goals

Have a name for every dollar. Knowing your goals and timeline for achieving them is a necessary step in determining how much you need to be saving and investing. As well, this informs the appropriate investment strategy.

Shorter term goals are best met with lower risk, less volatile investments. Longer term goals can appropriately be met with longer term investment strategies that are expected to provide incrementally higher returns over time.

Managing Life In Motion

The on-boarding process may require setting up new accounts, changing portfolio allocation, buying or changing insurance plans, updating estate planning documents, changing jobs, moving, refurbishing your existing home, and the list goes on.

Managing life in motion is an ongoing process. Events occur, markets move and goals may change. So it is imperative that after implementation we monitor and compare actual results against your goals and aspirations. We will meet with you as often as necessary to monitor progress and answer any questions.

As time marches on, an adjustment to your plan may be warranted or desired. We’ll go back a step or two, explore what has changed, establish revised goals and/or course of action, and determine how best to proceed from there. Our ongoing relationship makes these recalibrations and adjustments an integral and seamless part of the process.


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