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As Tennessee’s only Certified Financial Transitionist®, Envision Wealth Planning President, Bob Bolen specializes in time-tested processes built to help clients successfully navigate through life’s inevitable transitions.


Financial transitions might be caused by retirement, sale of a business, loss of a spouse, divorce, inheritance, career change, insurance settlement or even signing a sports contract or cutting a record. Regardless of the reason, transitions begin with an ending of some sort and end with a new beginning. In between is the “transition” and transitions mean change.

During a financial transition, most people focus primarily on the money because it is quantifiable and is the elephant in the room. However, during transitions, physical, psychological and social realities change and these are most often the real challenges.

Financial Transitions & “The New Normal”

People in transition often experience stress and/or changes in thought patterns. Our sense of who we are can change, either positively or negatively. Often, there is a loss of footing socially because the status quo is gone. Comfortable patterns disappear and the range of new possibilities is unclear. When you settle into your “new normal” after your transition you’ll either be in a financially and emotionally secure space or one fraught with obstacles, anxiety or possibly chronic physical and/or financial problems.

We combine decades of experience in financial planning with cutting-edge research in neurology, sociology and psychology. Our Financial Transitions partner, the Sudden Money Institute(, has developed processes that transcend those fields of study by integrating the technical aspects of financial planning with the human experience of the person in transition. By understanding the art and science of transition, SMI has developed an optimal way to guide clients through turbulent and transformative times. Envision Wealth Planning is the only Registered Investment Advisory in Tennessee trained in the Sudden Money Institute protocols and processes.

If you are presently experiencing a financial transition, or know of someone who is, please let us help successfully navigate through the transition and arrive at the new normal ready to launch into your new future.

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