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How do you keep your services relevant to my goals over time?

As life changes, money changes and as money changes, life changes. Together, we monitor and review your progress on an ongoing basis. We are mindful of life’s changes and help clients adjust as goals change. Goals lead the planning process.

What is the difference between active and passive investing? How do you manage money?

Active investing attempts to predict future prices and moves assets around in anticipation of those price changes. Passive investing that looks at historical risk and return relationships. It takes a longer term approach to asset allocation, believing predicting future price changes is very difficult net of transaction costs, fees and taxes. We are more passive, strategic asset allocators.

Can you help me if I have product needs that you don’t offer?

Absolutely. Although we don’t sell products, we readily opine on what is warranted based on your needs and in your best interest. We have access to numerous vendors and will help you select the right product and the best value available in the market place.

How do my retirement goals factor into how you manage my money?

Goals based investing means we pay attention to when you plan on needing your funds. Longer term goals, such as retirement, can necessarily be invested in longer term investments, such as equities.

Why should I care if you are fee only and how do I benefit from that?

Fee only means our only compensation comes from you, the client. We are not paid by product vendors. As such, you can rest easy that your best interests are always top of mind.

How do I know if I am saving enough to retire well?

Knowing with confidence requires understanding all the input variables including current account balances, annual contributions till retirement, expected rate of return(s), desired retirement lifestyle, number of years of anticipated distributions, expected inflation and any other irregular spending goals. We take all this information and run various scenarios and establish your “probability of success.”

Clients often seek out Wealth Management Firms when they are responding to some event or concern. How do you proactively help your clients?

We specialize in Financial Transitions Planning, having gone through extensive training with the Sudden Money Institute. Transitions such as retirement, sale of a business, loss of a spouse or divorce cause stress which can in turn cause emotional disconnects. We artfully help clients navigate through their transition to arrive at the “new normal” in solid shape.

Do you recommend that I diversify my retirement investments?

Absolutely. Diversification is an important element in successful investing and tends to reduce overall volatility. Shorter term spending goals ought to be in shorter term investments, such as various fixed income vehicles. Longer term spending goals can necessarily be invested in longer term equity investments.

How do I know my personal information will be kept safe with your firm?

As required by law, we adhere to a strict privacy policy. It is available upon request.

My wife and I struggle to agree on issues of money, can you help us?

While we are not marriage counselors, we coach couples through the planning process, looking for common ground and an understanding of each others goals and aspirations. This is quite useful in getting on the same page.

How do I know if I am a good fit for your firm?

We provide integrated wealth planning services, helping people achieve their goals and integrate their money with their lives. If this resonates with you, you will like us.

I know I need life insurance, but am not sure what to buy and how much to get, what do you suggest we do?

While we don’t sell insurance products, we provide an insurance needs analysis to understand your specific situation and offer a few options to meet your needs.

There are a lot of companies and representatives in the financial services industry, why should I choose you?

We are low cost, fee-only service providers with a personable touch. We help people live inspired lives with peace of mind about their money matters. While there are many companies that manage money or do financial planning, there are scant few with that as their company vision.

I have been told that only rich people need financial planners, is that true?

Financial planning is for anyone that desires to follow a path to a ‘successful” life. Following a financial plan is a great way create a future life style that is sustainable, regardless of how “rich” you are.

Why do your clients choose to do business with you?

Various reasons I’m sure, but generally speaking we are honest and able and easy to get along with. We say what we do and do what we say. We are client centric and provide research driven, fee only solutions.

Can you help me if I have not done any estate planning? How do I know if I need to do an estate plan?

We start with an overview of what estate planning is and what we want to accomplish. The goal is to have your plan reflect your desires. Anyone with assets, especially anyone that is married with children, can benefit from a set of estate planning documents.

How can I know that my money is safe with you?

Your funds are held in custody at Fidelity Investments, a major and well know third party custodian. No funds are held by our firm. You will receive monthly statements from the custodian so you can readily see how your funds are invested along with any transactions.

How do you ensure that my estate planning is kept current over time?

We stay abreast of changing laws and your “life in motion” so that during one of our regular visits we can review what changes if any are warranted.

Why should this service be important to me?

Based on 25 years in the investment business, we firmly believe that being very clear on your goals and integrating your money with your life is the best way to live an inspired life and have peace of mind about your money matters.

What all is included in Estate Planning?

A Will spells out what you want to happen to your assets upon your passing. A durable power of attorney gives someone you trust the power to manage your affairs in case of your incapacitation. An advanced directive spells out how you want your “end of life” handled. Trusts can be created to minimize taxes and increase the specificity of how you want your assets handled.

Is this a standard offering that is available from all financial planners?

While all reasonable planners will ask about goals, we find that many provide more surface level planning work rather than dig into your real, heartfelt goals and do what is necessary to see them come to fruition.

If taxes are likely to increase in the future, can you help me prepare for that now?

Yes. Expected taxes and your individual tax rates go into the planning process.

What is the long term benefit to this service?

Living the life of your dreams; Arriving at your future in great shape and in the right “port of call.”

Can you help me reduce my tax burden?

Yes, that is the goal of tax planning. There are numerous ways to proactively reduce or eliminate your tax burden.

This sounds great, but expensive. Is there an extra charge for this service?

Generally, we’ll charge a one-time fee for the initial planning work, but after that, we provide ongoing Integrated Wealth Planning services as part of our Investment Management fee. It is the planning process over time that really creates the value.

Are you available to work with my accountant, if it would with my tax situation?

We prefer to coordinate our efforts along side your accountant. A chord of three strands is not easily broken.

How do you manage my money based on my investment profile?

We quantitatively look at your investment objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon(s) along with a meaningful qualitative conversation to establish the appropriate asset allocation for your portfolio.

I own a small business and don’t have any retirement options for me or my team, how can you help me get started?

We’ll walk you through your options and craft a plan that meets your goals and budget.

A lot of firms talk about integrating your money with your life, but in reality it seems little more than a marketing approach. How do you facilitate that in a meaningful way?

Life is the center of our financial planning process. Our “Discovery” intake process helps you, and in turn us, understand what inspires you and what you really want to accomplish with your money. That is, what is its purpose? Our goals based investment process continuously brings us back to your goals and objectives as the cornerstone of our asset allocation choices. As we monitor and review your progress, we are mindful of life’s changes and help clients adjust their choices as goals change.

How much does my age factor in to your investment strategies?

Age is generally an important consideration with investment strategy because it is an indication of when you might need the funds. However, if the funds are for your children or grandchildren’s benefit, their ages might be the more appropriate gauge.

How does offering retirement investment plans help me retain and hire talented people?

Everyone wants an ability to plan for their future. Company retirement plans have become a major element in retaining qualified talent, but they don’t have to cost a lot to implement. In addition, employees that aren’t stressing about their finances are more productive.

How can you help me if I am not clear on my goals?

A mainstay of our services is to improve your confidence and clarity in what you want to achieve. We’ll walk you through a series of steps to help you identify what is important to you and what you would like to accomplish in various areas of life.

How do you keep me posted on what’s happening with my money?

You will receive monthly account statements from the custodian. In addition, we produce quarterly reports and commentary on topics of interest. We also encourage face to face meetings to monitor and compare results against your goals and expectations.

Can a retirement plan help lower my tax liabilities?

Yes, the government incentivizes employers and employees to save in a company retirement plan. Contributions can be tax deductible when made (Traditional) or tax free upon distribution (Roth). As well, company matches are tax deductible.


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