Who We Serve

  • Thinking Partners

    Our ideal clients are generous towards others and are forward thinking. Are you willing to engage with us to define and articulate your goals and aspirations?

  • Goal Oriented

    Whether you are just getting started, in mid-career, or ready for your third act, we help you make the most of each stage of life.

  • People In Transition

    When life’s transitions come, comfortable patterns may disappear and new possibilities have yet to be explored.


Our Approach


You are at the center of our Integrated Wealth Planning process. What are your goals? What is your vision for your life or for your family? Living with a purpose is the essence of inspired living. We know how to help you set and reach goals, no matter your stage of life.

As fiduciaries, our client’s interests always come first. We are not beholden to any corporate hierarchy, mandates or outside interests. Fee only means we receive no commissions and are paid directly by you, the client. Fees paid are for services rendered rather than products purchased.
If you beat a benchmark, but fail to achieve your goals, what have you really accomplished? Our investment strategies are institutional quality, but it is by matching your investments to your goals that really sets us apart. Your Asset Allocation will be based on your investment objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance.
Our investment philosophy is based on time tested, rigorous academic research, not on the trend or emotion of the day. We use low cost funds that seek to capture higher expected “dimensions” of return. We believe in broad diversification, which reduces volatility and improves returns over time.
Financial transitions might be caused by retirement, sale of a business, loss of a spouse, divorce, inheritance, career change, insurance settlement or even signing a sports contract or cutting a record. Regardless of the reason, transitions begin with an ending of some sort and end with a new beginning. In between is the “transition” and transitions mean change.

At Envision Wealth Planning, We Wholeheartedly Believe That Accomplishing Your Goals Is More Important Then Beating An Arbitrary Investment Benchmark.

– Robert Bolen
Founder & President

Our Services

Life looks different for everybody, so why should wealth planning be cookie cutter?

Our Integrated Wealth Planning process begins by getting to know you, your dreams, ambitions, and concerns. Based on your individual objectives, we will walk you through all aspects of the financial planning process.

Investment Management

Our process is logical, systematic and disciplined. It is long term in nature, low cost and tax efficient. Your investment objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance guide our decisions.

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Personal Financial Management

Spend now or save for later? Buy term or whole life? Pay cash or borrow? Ongoing “choice management” is a key element of arriving safely at your destination.

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Lifestyle Income Planning

How much will you need to live the life of your dreams? What will you do with your time? Our integrated retirement planning approach connects your money to your future.

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Tax Planning

Taxes represent a significant expense that can negatively impact your financial world. Prudent tax planning is a vital element in preparing for your future.

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Estate Planning

What do you want for your heirs when you pass on? How can you minimize taxes and maximize your bequests? Our integrated estate planning process connects your estate with your legacy.

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Business Financial Planning

Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Professional Services Companies have financial planning needs as well. Owners and employees all aspire to accomplish their goals and objectives in a cost-effective manner.

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Group Retirement Planning

For your company’s retirement plan, you need a low cost, value added, integrated solution that doesn’t chew up your time and lets you focus on where you add the most value – your core business.

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Having Peace of Mind about your money matters is our true mission.

– Kathy Fowler
Client Services Director

Our Vision

Our vision is for people to live inspired lives with peace of mind about their money matters.

Living with a purpose is the essence of inspired living. Focusing on what is important to you and what is in your power to change enables peace of mind. We envision that you will live happy, wholesome, balanced lives, integrating your money with your life; where your heartfelt goals and aspirations are the reference point for your financial and life decisions.

Planning Principles

Keep An Eternal Perspective

God owns the world and everything in it. We are called to be stewards of the resources that have been entrusted to us, but we do not own it. Having the perspective of a steward can take the stress out about getting more and/or keeping what we have accumulated.

Spend Less Than You Earn

We are here to serve and lead. We are charged with giving you frank, honest advice, which sometimes includes tough love.

Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan

Establish long term goals for you and your family and get a handle on how much that might cost. Live purposefully. Have a name for every dollar. Planning out your goals and working your plan helps establish priorities, improves clarity and reduces anxiety.

Maintain Spousal Unity

Collaborate with your spouse on all major decisions and only move forward if you are in agreement. You may miss an opportunity or two along the way, but you will also avoid many ditches. Remember, happy spouse won’t grouse.

Use Debt Judiciously

Debt is a two edge sword. While it can help leverage returns on the upside, it makes us slave to the lender on the downside. Don’t assume the asset purchased will rise in price. Debt also causes us to maintain a job or lifestyle that we might otherwise want to change.

Build Liquidity And Margin

Maintain an emergency fund and save for financial independence. You may want to continue to work, but you’ll be free to pursue your dreams if you have that nest egg built up. A good rule of thumb is to save at least 10% of your gross income annually.

Invest Strategically

Educate yourself on how the markets work and invest appropriately for the given goals. Hasty speculation brings poverty, but steady plodding brings prosperity. Dollar cost average. Diversify across several asset classes because you never know what dangers lurk ahead.

Seek Wise Counsel

Nations fall for lack of wise counsel. Seek counsel that has your best interests in mind. Understand how your counsel is being compensated. Pray for guidance and wisdom before all major decisions.

Rejoice In Generosity

It is said that giving is better than receiving. This is true because we are sharing our resources with those less fortunate. There is a principle at work that causes generosity to be rewarded, not necessarily financially, but absolutely emotionally.

Guiding Principles

Personal Relationships

To know and understand you, your goals and aspirations and help you attain your goals and aspirations through appropriate financial means.

Servant Leadership

We are here to serve and lead. We are charged with giving you frank, honest advice, which sometimes includes tough love.


Taking proper care of our clients’ resources. Understanding your goals and aspirations and applying appropriate, low cost solutions to integrate your money with your life.


The Golden Rule – Treat others with kindness and honor, as we would want to be treated.


Absolute honesty and forthrightness. Our clients’ interests always come first. We disclose any real or perceived conflicts of interest. As well, we do what we say and say what we do.


Bringing the best, research driven solutions to bear on our clients’ behalf. Continuing education is part of our DNA.


Integrated Wealth Planning occurs when core beliefs and highest goals become the reference point for financial and life decisions.

Meet Our Leadership Team

  • Robert V. (Bob) Bolen
    Robert V. (Bob) Bolen CFP®, CFA, President and Founder

    Bob has more than twenty-five years of experience within the financial services sector, including securities analysis, portfolio management and integrated financial planning. Bob and his team walk clients through a proven process, which enhances clarity and increases confidence around financial and life decisions.

    Bob is actively engaged in civic, professional and community organizations and believes in giving back to the community. He and his wife Pam, along with their family reside in Franklin, Tennessee, where they are members of Grace Chapel.

    From 1986 to 2000, Bob was a securities analyst, primarily at Nashville-based J. C. Bradford & Co. He then served as CFO of an internet startup, but his desire to help others attain their financial and life goals called him into personal financial services. Bob trained as a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch & Co before founding his own wealth planning firm in 2003. Bob has an accounting degree from Western Kentucky University and an MBA from Indiana University. He holds a Chartered Financial Analyst Designation and is a Certified Financial Planner ®. Bob is Tennessee’s first and only Certified Financial Transitionist.

    Earlier in 2017, Bob launched Touchstone Pathway (, a customizable client data gathering software service to help advisors know their clients at a deep and personal level and help clients stay the course towards achieving their heartfelt goals and aspirations as their life ebbs and flows.

  • Kathy Fowler
    Kathy Fowler Director of Client Services and Business Development

    Kathy has almost 30 years of experience in the financial services sector having served as a financial advisor, a senior sales associate and more recently in management as the operations manager of a boutique brokerage firm. With this experience Kathy has learned how to listen to the needs of her clients and has honed her skills in solving complex client issues.

    Kathy has dedicated her career to excellent client service and is committed to serve her clients financial needs with integrity and sound advice. Kathy has earned the designation of Accredited Asset Management Specialist through the College for Financial Planning and is Series 65 registered.

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